My Field Trip to Da Lat

The Architecture of Dalat on PhotoPeach

Last Wednesday, we went on a trip to Da Lat. Da Lat is a long way from Ho Chi Minh City, where I live. It takes about 8 hours to get there. We stayed in Da Lat for 4 days and 3 nights. 2 nights were with camping and 1 of the nights was at a resort. I liked every part of the trip except the bathrooms near the camp. They were dirty and had a lot of spiders. On the first day, we left at about 7:00 and we arrived at about 3:30 in the afternoon. After that, we got on a about and headed to the campgrounds. That took about 10 to 15 minutes. When we arrived, we went up a little and then reached the campsite. We were also assigned teams.We were assigned our tents and teams. Then we did some activities that involved a lot of teamwork and trust.  We had to build a tent blindfolded and we also had to lead our partner through the campground while they were blindfolded. After that, we had some free time and then came dinner. There were a lot of bugs there so we were a bit nervous and stuff like that, but it wasn’t that bad. After that, we had a bonfire and sang campfire songs. We also made marshmallows. After that, we went to sleep. On the next day, we woke up at about 5:00 and had dinner at about 7:00 or something. Then we went on a hike to the top of a mountain called Pinhat. Then, we went back down and went through a rainforest untouched by humans. Finally, we had lunch and then played some other activities that involved teamwork and trust. We had to carry each other through a series of strings that looked like a spider web without touch the string. We also had to tell our teammates who were on the ground, blindfolded how to put the blocks together exactly like another one, but without saying a word. Finally, we did an activity which required everyone to work together. Then, we went and did something called the robot writer. There were strings attached to a marker and we had to write team on a piece of paper. Then we practiced our team cheers. After all of that, we went  back to camp. There, we watched the Lat people, one of the hill tribes, perform dances. We joined in some too.  After all of that, we went back and cooked some s’mores, told ghost stories, and went back to sleep. On the third day, we went ziplining. It was scary at first, but it’s actually really fun and safe. Afterwards, we did something like monkey bars, really high. After that, we practiced our team cheers some more. Then, we did something called a trust V. Two people have to push on each other while on opposite ropes and not fall on the ground. It’s hard, but it gets easier if you know how to do it. After that, we went back, ate lunch and then we did a raft building competition. After we built the raft, we had to get to a buoy and back twice. We bought paddles so 2 people were on top of the raft and 3 people including myself were kicking in the water. It was cold at first, but we got used to it. My team won that activity. Afterwards, we changed and headed over to Ana Mandara Resort. The boys stayed in 2 villas and the girls stayed in 1 big one. We had the whole building to ourselves. It was very fun. I stayed with my best friend, Keith, and Duy, my other friend. For dinner, we ate at a buffet and also sang some karaoke before going back to do our team cheers. After that, we went to sleep. On the fourth day, we went to this school for the hearing impaired. We learnt some sign language and then we went to have a tour. Then, we played with the kids there and then headed to a restaurant and then we went home. I think the trip was very fun and I hope we get to do it again next year. I also wish it could be longer like a week instead of just 4 days.


Dr. Seuss\’ The Sneetches – Full Version

Today, we watched Dr. Seuss’s sneetches. In this story, there are 2 types of sneetches. There are star bellied sneetches and ones with no stars. The star bellied sneetches discriminated the non star sneetches. They didn’t get the same privileges. Finally, the non star sneetches couldn’t take it anymore so they got a person to put stars on their bellies. The star bellied sneetches were shocked so they got that man to get the stars off. It repeated and happened vice versa. Finally, they couldn’t tell the non star and stared sneetches so they accepted each other and lived with each other in peace.

I think if the sneetches didn’t change their attitude, there would be a lot of war and conflict. It’s important that everyone is treated right and get to have their own opinion so people can see what other people think. Everyone can learn new things and get new perspectives and stuff like that.

Challenge Evaluation

I think the Student Blogging Challenge was very entertaining. Two weeks was enough for registration. I didn’t do anything to get the latest posts. The headers of the page were very useful because I could find a lot of people and classes for certain challenges. The student blogging challenge was quite fun. I think most of the posts I wrote were school based. I didn’t really blog on the weekend so I only checked for new challenges on Monday. Some challenges were very fun like the Zoom Out one. I really liked the ones where you could put things on your blogs like widgets and pictures. Those were the most interesting in my opinion. I also liked to write the favorite posts. I also met a lot of people by going on their blogs and commenting, like Maya. I got to see a lot of other people’s ideas and stuff like that so that was very interesting. I think that there was enough time for all the challenges for my class. Overall, I think the Student Blogging Challenge was entertaining and interesting. I really liked some challenges and I also learned a lot of new things related to blogging. I think there should be more challenges where you could learn how to do new things related blogging.



This post is for Challenge 9 of March 2011.

I nominate Maya’s blog for a Edublogs award because her blog is really good. She posts a lot of good posts and her blog is also very attractive. There are a lot of pictures and the theme and everything go very well together. Her posts are also a combination of challenge based ad other based posts. Her posts are very interesting. They are about a lot of different things and they almost all have at least one picture. This is why I nominate Maya’s blog.

I nominate the Bayonne High School Band’s blog for the best class blog because there are multiple pictures and there’s a lot of posts about things like music at the school and what the band does like rehearsals. There are a lot of interesting things and that’s why I nominate this blog for the Edublogs awards.

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How can I get more people to visit my blog?

I think I can get more people to visit my blog by  going on other people’s blogs and commenting on theirs. I can ask them to take a look at my blog and see if they like it. I can also write more interesting posts and add more pictures so more people will come to my blog because it looks more interesting. I could also link to other people’s blogs. I can also ask people to show their friends my blog so more people will come. I don’t really know how to get more people to visit my blog.

An Audit of My Blog

This is an audit of my blog for Challenge 9 of the Student Blogging Challenge.

So far, I have written 24 posts for my blog.

22 of the posts were set by the challenge. 2 were set by the school.

16 of my comments are from classmates. 13 of my comments are from overseas students. 1 of my comments are from a teacher. The rest are from others. I have 36 comments in total.

The posts that received the most comments are the “Why You Should Visit Our Awesome Class’s Blog” and “Zoom Out”. They both received 4 comments. I think they received the comments because “Zoom Out” was a post that required other people to participate and “Why You Should Visit Our Awesome Class’s Blog” because it tells people about my classmates and their blogs.

I think I enjoyed writing the “Jaguars” post the most because I get to talk about one of my favorite animals. I also got to look at pictures of jaguars so yeah.

I didn’t change my theme at all cause I like it the way it is.

I have 3 widgets. I think this is not enough widgets. I think I should have more widgets so people could look at them and try them out.

I have 1 overseas student on my blog roll.

Keith’s Blog Answered by Khanh

My first impressions of this blog was that it was interesting and also different from other blogs. It had interesting features and colors. The things that captured my attention were the banner, the pictures, and some of the posts were very interesting. What distracted me were some of the pictures and some of the posts. I think Keith can improve on his blog by checking his spelling, adding more pictures, and adding stuff to some posts.

Will I Continue Blogging Over Summer?


I don’t think I’ll continue blogging over the summer because I want to spend time with my family and have fun on vacation. I’m going to places like resorts and beaches and stuff so I probably will forget to blog and do stuff like that too so yeah. I think I might write a post about my summer vacation on the last day of summer, but maybe not. It depends on how I’m feeling. I think I’ll check out blogs though. I’ll probably be reading blogs over the summer. I also might go to another country so I won’t have much time to blog. I will probably do a post about my summer vacation like I mentioned before. My class has worked very hard throughout the year so we’ll all be very tired.

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Beautiful Beach

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This post is for Challenge 8 of the Student Blogging Challenge.


One animal that I really like is the jaguar. It looks similar to a leopard because of the patterns on their fur. Jaguars are larger and a bit more powerful than leopards. Jaguars live in the Americas. Like other big cats, they are carnivorous and eat lots of things like deers. Jaguars can swim very well and they can even carry their prey while swimming. Jaguars rarely attack humans. Jaguars sometimes use the way to kill prey that other big cat use, but they also use a very different way. They stalk their prey and then they attack it and kill it by biting and sinking their teeth into the skull of it’s prey behind the ears. The teeth penetrates the brain, which kills the jaguars prey. I really like jaguars. Here’s a blog about jaguars. You can read more about jaguars on Wikipedia.

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Let’s save Earth – W.A.R

Last week on Friday, I went on a field trip to W.A.R. W.A.R stands for Wildlife at Risk and we went there at the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Center. There, we got to see a lot of animals that were rescued. There were gibbons, bears, otters, and a lot of other animals too. These animals were rescued and will be released back into the wildlife, but some animals can’t be released back into the wild because they are diseased or have some disability. For example, there was one gibbon who lost a foot because of  a trap. There were also a lot of sick animals. After that. We planted plants around the rescue center. After we did all of this, we went back to our school.