Why Tags and Categories Are Important.

People on the internet should use tags and categories so other people can find what they wrote. Other people can also go somewhere and go to a category that has their interests like “Cars”. Users are asked to use tags in places like their posts and places like that. Geotagging is when people add geographical tags to things like photographs, messages, websites, videos, etc. I decided on these categories because I thought those were the main things I were going to write about. I was going to write about myself, my family and friends, and other things as well.

About My Avatar.


This post is for the second challenge of the March 2011 challenge.

This is my avatar. It isn’t that similar to me, but we have the same skin color, we both wear glasses, and we both      have black hair. My avatar is a nice and friendly person. He is smart and he likes to swim. He doesn’t like a lot of other sports. He is very loyal to his friends and likes to hang out and play with them a lot. A lot of these things are the same as myself. I like swimming, I don’t like a lot of other sports, I like to hang out with my friends, and other things as well.